FAQ Slider is a free Joomla! 1.5 plugin that allows you to display content dynamically in either sliders, tabs or simply insert it into the page. Various options control features such as which tab is visible on loading the page, module chrome etc.

The content shown can be:

- articles in a category/section/comma separated list (specified by title or ID) or
- modules from a position/comma separated list (specified by title or ID) or
- individual articles or modules (specified by title or ID) or
- inline content

It is intended for use in a FAQ section but may have many other uses. It can also work as a general content insertion tool for displaying articles or modules anywhere that plugins can be processed. If you need to use FAQ Slider in a module position, please look here: http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/style-a-design/tabs-a-slides/13624

Documentation is provided on Trafalgar Design but this does not always reflect the most recent changes. Please post in the forum if you are having any difficulties.


0.9 focuses on: speed, new features, 3rd party SEF component friendly (sh404SEF, JoomSEF tested), many bugfixes and enhanced cross-browser compatibility. Please check the parameters in the backend after upgrading as there have been some changes which may produce unexpected results. If you are upgrading from any version pre-0.9beta3 please uninstall prior to upgrading.

0.9RC5.1 – ^ New method for parsing inline tabs/sliders syntax using DOMDocument. Now allows nested tables etc. Still no facility for inline nested tabs/sliders.

See the full changelog on the FAQ page (documentation button above).

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